Africans For Momentum / Jeremy Corbyn Values

After Brent, Croydon, Westminster, Harrow, Westminster (2 minute walk from Holborn station)...

Presentations and solidarity greetings from Patrick Vernon (Labour Party's Race Equality Advisory Group), Marc Wadsworth (former Labour Party Black Sections), Mr & Mrs KB Asante (former Kwame Nkrumah aide, health professional & student activists), Zita Hobourne (BARAC), Esther Stanford-Xosei (GAPP), Ricardo Twumasi (PhD student), etc.

Topics include:

Digging More Deeply Into 10 Points Jeremy Corbyn (JC) Is Standing To Deliver

Explaining How The Parliamentary System Works/How Does One Become A Councillor Or Parliamentarian?

Importance Of Language & Mini Quiz

Young-ish Person’s Perspective: ‘Why I Joined The Labour Party’

What Lessons Can We Learn From The Labour Party Black Sections?

Students & Politics In The 1940s/1950s

Where Is The Labour Party At With Is Racial Equality Strategy?

*African refers to Africans from the continent of Africa and Africans from the Diaspora

+This event is open to non-Africans who support the Jeremy Corbyn values

&Young people welcome

Don't forget to pass on information to colleagues who may be

April 30, 2016 at 3pm - 6pm
Unite The Union
128 Theobalds Rd
London WC1X 8TN
United Kingdom
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