Bursary or Bust March: Continuing the fight to save NHS bursaries

NHS students work up to 50% in clinical placements (full time) which is why the bursary is fundamental because working part time is very difficult. If the NHS bursary is cut, it will mean only those who can afford to pay will become healthcare professionals. We strongly believe that a diverse range of people in healthcare professions is important for a thriving NHS.

For nursing, the evidence shows that less equals higher mortality rates. There is currently a deficit of 24,000 nurses which is set to continue to grow. An apprenticeship route has also been proposed for nursing which would mean that those training would receive approximately £3 an hour, this is not an adequate amount of money to support NHS students.

In Osborne's Autumn spending review, it was revealed that NHS bursaries would be cut and replaced with a loan system. Furthermore, with a freeze on loan repayment thresholds and a rigid Agenda for Change pay scale, NHS students who qualify into their professions will be dealt with further cuts in their pay. The NHS bursary campaigners support free education for all.

The imposition of a loan system is an attempt at breaking the tie between students and the NHS to pave the way for the complete dismantling of the health service in order to privatise and profit. NHS bursary cuts are simply the tip of the iceberg. 

The link to the Facebook event is here.

April 27, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
St Thomas' Hospital
Lambeth Palace Road
London, Greater London SE1 7EH
United Kingdom
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