Edinburgh: Delivering of Chelsea Manning Petition to US Consulate

Chelsea (a.k.a. Bradley Manning) just won the Blueprint prize for whistleblower of Enduring Impact at Reuters Thomson in London. She is imprisoned for 35 years for exposing US Army gunships killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Her best friend accepted the prize on her behalf. 

A campaign to encourage Hillary Clinton to release Manning after the Presidential Election (presuming Clinton wins) has begun.

You can sign the petition calling on Clinton to promise to pardon Chelsea Manning here.

Pete Gregson, the leader of this campaign, is going to the US Consulate, Regent Terrace, Edinburgh on Saturday 21st May at 10.30am to deliver this petition. All are welcome to join - so far 10 have signed up. Banners are prepared. The Herald newspaper will have a photo in their Sunday edition.

More about Chelsea's award and her full story at the Blueprint awards website https://www.blueprintprize.org/enduring-impact/

And see the video where her best friend accepts the award  on You-tube https://youtu.be/SWmO18w0mc0

You can find out more about why they should sign here.

May 21, 2016 at 10:30pm - May 22, 2016
US Consulate
3 Regent Ter
Edinburgh EH7 5BW
United Kingdom
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