Conference 2017


Momentum’s Inaugural National conference - Building to Win - Saturday 25th March



Inspired by the work of local groups over the last year and the hugely successful The World Transformed fringe festival that took place alongside Labour Party Conference in Liverpool in September, Momentum’s first conference ‘Building to Win’ will take place on Saturday 25th March in Birmingham. 

Book your tickets here (you must be a Momentum member to attend). Let us know you are coming and keep up to date with session plans and speakers by clicking 'Going' on the Facebook event

The conference will be open to all Momentum members and feature activist training, political education workshops and discussion focused on four key themes:

Transforming Labour - helping people navigate Labour Party structures and discussing how Momentum can continue to support the transformation of Labour into a grassroots, members-led party that offers a real alternative to the status quo.

Helping Labour Win - supporting Labour to mobilise its mass membership and win elections as well as helping equip people with arguments and effective communication techniques to persuade people of our vision.

Building the movement - discussing how we can further root our movement in communities, developing links with people and other grassroots groups to organise throughout the UK and build support for Labour’s policies.

Building Momentum - building capacity within Momentum networks and groups through skills sharing and training. Building Momentum will help us achieve our first three objectives.

We will be joined by activists from across the country and special guest speakers.


Through solidarity tickets, we are raising money to provide a hardship fund for travel and we will be providing a play area for children for the day. The venue is fully accessible. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, would like to apply for the hardship fund or would like to book your kids in to use the play area, or if you have any other ideas, please email