Labour Party Democracy Review


The Labour Party Democracy Review represents an unprecedented opportunity for party members and trade union affiliates to fundamentally remake the party so that it is equipped to provide deep and meaningful representation to millions of people, and to implement a socialist programme to transform the country. For a brief explanation of the Democracy Review and Momentum’s role in it, please see Momentum and the Democracy Review: A Brief Explainer. For information on upcoming Momentum and Labour Party Democracy Review meetings where you can participate, please see our events page. If you have organised an event and you would like us to promote it, please let us know by writing to


Track 1: Submit Proposals on BAME Labour, Young Labour and Women’s Conference


The deadline for Democracy Review submissions on Bame Labour, Young Labour, and Women’s Conference is January 12th. To submit members should feed back their thoughts and experiences to Below are suggestions for possible submissions which can serve as the basis for discussion by party members. Submissions can be made by individual Labour Party members, CLPs, and other party units including women’s forums, ethnic minority forums, and Young Labour forums. Submissions will be considered after the deadline so please try and pass them through your CLPs throughout January and February, and let us know when you have by writing to

BAME Labour

Momentum recently undertook a consultation with all of our BAME members and supporters via to inform our submissions to the Democracy Review. The responses paint a dismal picture of a failing organisation.

Please see our a summary of our submissions here and a complete version of the finalised proposals here. For further information, please write to

To discuss BAME Labour in your CLP and make a submission to the Democracy Review through it, please see the Seema Chandwani Guide to Debating BAME Labour in your CLP

Young Labour

Activists in the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy have drafted the following proposals to reconstitute Young Labour as an autonomous, well financed organisation capable of enthusing and engaging the party’s 110,000 young members. 

Women’s Conference

Teresa Clark and Jean Crocker of the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee have drafted these suggestions concerning the Women’s Conference, which have been approved by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.


Track 2 and Track 3 Submissions: Members’ Council Recommendations


Momentum will launch a digital democracy platform in January 2018 to allow members to generate proposals for our submissions to tracks 2 and 3 of the Democracy Review. Momentum members, local groups, and the National Coordinating Group will all be able to contribute. In the meantime, please see these recommendations from the Members’ Council, which met met up in London at the Irish Centre on December 2nd 2017 to generate recommendations for Momentum’s submissions to the Labour Party Democracy Review. If your group is organising a meeting to discuss proposals for the Review, let us know by writing to so we can help you promote you event. 


How will Momentum members be able to have have the greatest contribution possible to the Review?

We want as many members as possible to input into the review, and Momentum will implement a full democratic process that enables groups and individual members to generate ideas, debate and vote on key proposals that will make up Momentum's submission to the review.


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While this process is still being finalised, it will involve providing groups and individual members with opportunities to generate ideas, debate and vote on key proposals in order to influence the content of our organisation’s submissions to the Review through an online digital democracy platform, a specially convened Members’ Council and the National Coordinating Group.

All Resources: 

For a brief explanation of the forums Momentum will establish to allow our members to have the maximum contribution possible to the review, please see Momentum and the Democracy Review: A Brief Explainer.

For an idea of the types of proposals which grassroots Labour Party and Momentum activists have been making for some years now, please see Democracy Review: Ideas from Grassroots Activists.

Not sure how to hold a meeting to debate proposals? Have a look at out top tips for group facilitators.

Want to hear what Momentum’s randomly selected advisory body came up with? See  recommendations made the Members’ Council.

For suggestions for proposals on the Women’s Conference, please see recommendations by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD).

For suggestions on reconstituting Young Labour into a fully autonomous body, see this suggestions from CLPD

For results of Momentum's consultation survey of BAME members and supporters, see this summary

Finally, please also check out Momentum's proposals to transform BAME Labour,  and if you want to discuss BAME Labour in your CLP and make a submission to the Democracy Review through it, please see the Seema Chandwani Guide to Debating BAME Labour in your CLP

Still got questions?

Write to if you have any further questions for Momentum about the Democracy Review.