Grassroots Now

Labour's mass membership is one of its biggest assets. But our party must modernise to enable its members to become a strong campaigning force in every community across the country. That's where you come in.

This summer the Calling for Corbyn phone canvassing website enabled tens of thousands of volunteers to call hundreds of thousands of Labour members and supporters from the comfort of their own homes or in pop-up phone-banks across the country.

Now, this phone canvassing website has been re-launched as part of the #GrassrootsNow campaign, whereby Momentum supporters can call to inform each other about how to get active in their local Labour Party and in campaigns in their communities to build support for Labour’s plans to rebuild and transform Britain.

This pioneering technology will harness Labour’s membership: spreading our message in communities across the country, securing victories in local elections and by-elections, and building the movement that will win the next general election for Labour.

Get involved:

  • Upload your local Labour events to the website by emailing the time, date and address to - the event will be uploaded to the website so you and others in the area can start calling about them!
  • Call from home now or call with others by organising a pop-up phone-bank.
  • To share experiences with and support other members using the website, join our user community group on Facebook.
  • Or to help this campaign, and the volunteers running and improving the technology behind it, please donate here now.

For more information about how to get involved in your local Labour Party....

Check out this 1 page Guide to Getting Active in Labour

Check out this guide to Councillor Selections 

Click here to see Top Tips on applying to be Labour candidate in the general election

Click here to see an excellent 'Guide for New Labour Members' produced by Sheffield Momentum that largely reflects the situation activists will encounter elsewhere.

Bare in mind that this needs to be adapted locally to take on board any different local circumstances. In particular, activists need to be aware of the Party's Model Procedural Rules and Model Standing Orders in Chapter 15 of the Rule Book and know what local Standing Orders have been agreed to operate in their CLP. For further questions, please write to

Want some light bed time reading? Familiarise yourself with the Labour Party Rules here. Or if you have particular questions email 

Check out this handy jargon buster from Unite the Union here.

Click to enlarge the below info-graphics explaining how the Labour Party works and how you can get involved!



Change happens from the bottom up, and we can all be agents of that change. Get involved in #GrassrootsNow today.