Members' Council

Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a new kind of politics, one that is “far more participatory, bringing people in, letting people's ideas flow, with imagination.”Momentum’s new Members’ Council is one important way in which we can deliver this kind of grassroots, participatory democracy.

The Members’ Council will be made up of 50 members chosen randomly by lot every 6 months. While this may seem rather unusual, this democratic approach recognises that every member has unique skills and experiences to contribute.

The purpose of the Council is to ensure that there is a continuous flow of ideas from the grassroots to develop Momentum’s activities, resources and campaigns.

Hosting the Members’ Council:

Each Members’ Council will meet in a different part of the country. This creates an opportunity for networking, relationship-building and ideas exchange between members of the Council and nearby local groups.

Local groups can make a great contribution to the success of the Council by hosting members and providing logistical support to the event itself. In this way, we will be putting our shared values into practice and helping to strengthen our Momentum community.

Inaugural Members' Council

The Members' Council will now take place from Friday 8th September until Sunday 10th in Manchester.  

If you are selected to be part of the inaugural Members' Council we’ll be in touch with more details. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can always give up your place for another Momentum member.