Momentum NHS

In March, following a comprehensive survey of Momentum supporters, “Defending the NHS” was chosen as the priority campaign for Momentum, achieving 56.3% of the vote.

Our NHS is in crisis - it's time to act

Join the Labour Party's National Campaign Day for the NHS on Saturday 26 November. Find out what's happening in your local area.

Here are 5 Talking Points summarising Tory cuts and privatisation and Labour's plans to re-nationalise and restore our health service - take them with you on Saturday to use when when you're campaigning! For more details about what's happening to our NHS and Labour's policies have a look at this 1 page Background Briefing

Support the National Health Service Bill

The National Health Service Bill was introduced by Labour’s Margaret Greenwood MP and its second reading will take place on 24th February 2017. In the run up to the Bill’s reading, our campaign aims to secure a high-quality NHS that is publicly-provided, properly funded and available to all.

How can your local group help?
  • Run a street stall

- Check the rules of your local area - sometimes you need permission from your local council to set up a stall
- Create a buzzy atmosphere on your stall, three friends makes a good team
- What do you need and what do you want to achieve?
  1. Inform people - Momentum NHS leaflets can be ordered here and general Momentum flyers and badges here 
  2. Engage people - print off and get people to sign the petition to your local MP to your local MP asking them to support the Bill.
  3. Collect stories - stories are a powerful way to show people's love for the NHS. Get people to fill out the 'I love the NHS because...' postcards to their MP. Take pictures of people with their postcards and post them on social media with the hashtag #NHSbill. Collect the postcards and deliver them to your MP with the petition. You can order postcards here 
  4. After collecting petition signatures and the postcard stories 'I Love the NHS because...' take these to your local MP's surgery. Find out about your MP's surgery here.
  • Ask your MP to sign a pledge to back the Bill

Print off this pledge poster, take it to your local MPs surgery or to your next Constituency Labour Party General Committee (GC) meeting, and ask them if they would be willing to sign the bottom of the poster, pledging to back the Bill. With their permission, take a photo of them with the signed pledge and share the photo on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #NHSbill and tag your MP.
Find out about your MP's surgery here or contact your Constituency Labour Party Secretary for details about the next GC meeting. If you've got petition signatures and postcards from your stall take them along with you!