Momentum NHS

In March, following a comprehensive survey of Momentum supporters, “Defending the NHS” was chosen as the priority campaign for Momentum, achieving 56.3% of the vote.

Join Labour's national campaign day on the NHS on Saturday 21 January 

On Saturday 21 January, Labour is holding its first campaign day of 2017 to defend the NHS from the Tories’ ideologically driven under-funding and privatisation that has run down our health service and resulted in the Red Cross declaring that the NHS faces a humanitarian crisis. Find out what’s happening near you and get involved here. And here are 5 Talking Points you can use on the doorstep about what the Tories are doing to our NHS and Labour's plans to re-nationalise and restore our health service.

Act now to stop further NHS cuts and privatisation 

The Government is pushing forward further £22 billion in cuts and privatisation across England through Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), which have been largely kept secret and have not been approved by Parliament. The Tories know how much we love our NHS, so they’re trying to force these plans through the back door.

Local councils have the power to object to the plans if they act now, as three councils have done already: Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, and Liverpool City Council. 

Call on your Council to oppose the STP now: 

Here are 3 packs of campaign materials your group can use to campaign:

Campaign Pack 1: petitioning your local Council

This is something every group can do.

1. Circulate this Email your Councillors link to members of your group - an extremely quick and easy way for people to directly lobby their Councillors to block the local STP. 

2. Organise street stalls to collect signatures for a petition to your local Council, asking them to block the STP. 

Materials for your stall: 

  • Print off this petition to your local council and and collect signatures of people who live in your council borough
  • For something a bit more fun and personal, you can ask people to also fill in these 'I love the NHS because...' postcards addressing them. to your Councillors telling them why they should block the STP
  • Momentum NHS leaflets - either download and print them or order some here
  • STPs flyer - here is a simple flyer which you can download and print, with more detailed information about STPs for people who would like more information. 

Check the rules in your local area, sometimes you need permission from your local council to set up a stall. Create a buzzy atmosphere on your stall, at least three people makes a good team.

Here are 5 Talking Points about what the Tories are doing to our NHS and Labour's plans to re-nationalise and restore our health service. These can be useful for when you're talking to people and collecting petition signatures. For more detailed information check out have a look at this 1 page Background Briefing. Check out this STP Watch page for information about the specific cuts, closures or selling off of services contained in your local STP - if you need help decoding the STP, have a look at the information sheet in Campaign Pack 3 below. For more information see Stop the STPs or write to us at   

3. Deliver the petition to your Council.

Once you've gathered a large number signatures, deliver your petition, and any I Love the NHS postcards that have been filled in, to your local Council. Find out about the next Council meeting by going to the council website and clicking on the 'democracy' or 'council meetings' tab. 

You must give the Council at least 24 hours notice that you want to deliver your petition to the meeting. We recommend delivering the petition to a full Council meeting, but you could also deliver it to a meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board or one of the scrutiny committees. 

Campaign Pack 2: building local pressure

If you have already collected signatures for the petition to deliver to your Council and encouraged your members to email their Councillors directly,  here are some further things you can do to build local pressure against the STP:

1. Bring a motion to your Constituency Labour Party calling on the local Council to block the STP. Here is a model motion you can use. Submit the motion to your Branch by sending it to your Branch Secretary in advance of your next meeting, where it will be discussed and voted on. If your Branch passes the motion, it will go to your next Constituency Labour Party meeting, where you will be able to introduce the motion before it is voted on. 

2. Distribute this letter to GPs within your Council borough. To locate GP surgeries, visit the the NHS Choices website and search for GPs in your area and deliver the letter to their surgeries. 

3. Work with local NHS campaigners to organise strong community campaigns opposing the implementation of the STP. Find out about NHS campaign groups in your area on the 999 Call for the NHS. This 1 page STP briefing and the Stop the STPs website have more detailed information about STPs. 

4. Lobby your Councillors directly. You can provide Councillors with this STPs briefing for Councillors. You can also lobby clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). These the bodies that purchase NHS services for an area, they are key players in the STP process. Find your CCG and provide Group members with the same briefing. 

Campaign Pack 3: decoding your local STP 

If you want to find out more about your STP and get more stuck into the issue, we recommend setting up an NHS working group within your local group to focus on this. If you have any questions or want to set up an NHS working group, please email so we can put different working groups in touch with each other and provide advice and support. 

The STPs can be very confusing, including a lot of technical jargon and acronyms. This Decoding Your STP information sheet should make it a bit easier to understand.  For more information have a look at the Stop the STPs website. 

Support the National Health Service Bill

The National Health Service Bill was introduced by Labour’s Margaret Greenwood MP and its second reading will take place on 24th February 2017. In the run up to the Bill’s reading, our campaign aims to secure a high-quality NHS that is publicly-provided, properly funded and available to all.

What can you do to support the Bill? 

How can your local group help?
  1. Engage people - print off and get people to sign the petition to your local MP to your local MP asking them to support the Bill.
  2. Collect stories - stories are a powerful way to show people's love for the NHS. Get people to fill out the 'I love the NHS because...' postcards to their MP. Take pictures of people with their postcards and post them on social media with the hashtag #NHSbill. Collect the postcards and deliver them to your MP with the petition.
  3. After collecting petition signatures and the postcard stories 'I Love the NHS because...' take these to your local MP's surgery. Find out about your MP's surgery here.
  • Ask your MP to sign a pledge to back the Bill

Print off this pledge poster, take it to your local MPs surgery or to your next Constituency Labour Party General Committee (GC) meeting, and ask them if they would be willing to sign the bottom of the poster, pledging to back the Bill. With their permission, take a photo of them with the signed pledge and share the photo on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #NHSbill and tag your MP.
Find out about your MP's surgery here or contact your Constituency Labour Party Secretary for details about the next GC meeting. If you've got petition signatures and postcards from your stall take them along with you!