Momentum Norfolk Meeting

Come along and start Corbyn’s social movement.

We are hosting weekly Winning4Corbyn campaigning sessions in Norwich.
Are you new and unsure whether campaigning is for you? Just come along and watch with no pressure to knock on a door.

You are invited to a short hour long canvassing session in Sewell Ward, Norwich. Experienced canvassers and complete novices are all welcome. Please be reassured that there will be no pressure to participate until you feel confident. I have experience of coaching many new members and it is not uncommon for people to follow and observe for a number of sessions before they feel confident to speak to the public.

Now that the leadership election is over the real battle begins. We need to get Corbyn’s message out to the public! We have a right wing press and media in this country so the only way we can do that is by talking to the people face to face, door by door.

We are a friendly branch and Sewell Ward has three very active councillors. Our Councillor Julie Brociek-Coulton is up for election in May. Julie is a very community orientated councillor, completely behind Jeremy Corbyn and was one of the co-signatories of the letter sent to the media at the height of the chicken coup supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. We will be knocking on doors asking if there are any community issues that Julie can help residents with and talking to them about what Labour stands for under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity, we can have an Attlee-like government if we want it. Labour now stands for regeneration and renewal. We can have a fully funded, fully resourced, high quality NHS free from privatisation, we can kick the profiteers from our education system and be a country which values our children’s future and the teaching profession, we can have investment in infrastructure, manufacturing and green industry, we can have a renationalised railway, no more university tuition fees, protections for the rights of workers and trade unions, we can have a social security system that leaves no one behind, a mass council house building initiative and rent controls to end homelessness, we can have fully funded and resourced social care, protections for the self-employed and an end to the scapegoating of others be they the working class, the disabled or the immigrant, we can have plenty for everyone.

All backed up of course by an economic strategy supported by 40 world leading economists including 2 Nobel Prize winners. We can have all of this. However, it is not going to fall into our laps

We need to get out there winning for Corbyn.

Whether you are shy or confident, all and everyone is welcome!

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October 28, 2016 at 6pm - 7pm
The Rosebery Ale and Cider House
94 Rosebery Rd
Norwich , Norfolk NR3 3AB
United Kingdom
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