NHS Solidarity March

Doctors and Nurses have had enough of cuts and privatisation of our NHS - This is happening across the public sector.
This inadequate junior doctors' contract and removal of NHS students' bursaries are just further symptoms of the chronic and intentional dismantling of our NHS by undermining its workforce.


This is the key. It is intentional.
There IS enough money to fund the NHS. The NHS would not be so inefficient if it weren't for introducing the market.
Jeremy Hunt has forced a contract onto doctors to make it CHEAPER to work them at the weekends and stretch the service to crippling point.

All on the basis of spin and lies.

The same is happening to teachers, disabled people, mental healthcare workers, students. We are getting together with other healthcare professionals, patients, teachers, students and everyone who needs a decent healthcare system and has paid for the right to have it to demand the NHS we deserve. Junior doctors, nurses, teachers and many other workers marched together at the last junior doctor strike in an amazing display of solidarity. Let's make this even bigger, better and stronger.

We will march from Bart's to the City of London where will sit down in protest together against the acceleration in cuts and privatisation coming our way through the NHS Five Year Forward View.

July 14, 2016 at 5pm - 8pm
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital
W Smithfield
London EC1A 7BE
United Kingdom
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