Own the Future

Welcome to 2030. 

Luckily, back in 2016, a group of innovative, inspiring individuals took one sunny Saturday out of their busy lives to start imagining the public ownership of the future.

Looking around at the short term policies of their fellow humans, they started exploring longer term solutions. A vision for 2030 and a roadmap to get there. They tackled they key issues - robots, big data, power, space - and made a conscious effort to embrace the future.

It was only the beginning. But thank goodness they did.

Want to be one of them?


  • Alex Williams, author of 'Inventing the Future'

  • Hilary Wainwright, fellow at the Transnational Institute and co-editor of Red Pepper

  • Andrew Cumbers, author of ‘Reclaiming Public Ownership’

  • Alice Hood, Head of Equalities and Strategy, TUC

  • Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

  • Catherine Needham, academic and author of ‘Personalising Public Services’

  • Steve Battlemuch, Robin Hood Energy

  • David Hall, academic, Public Services International Research Unit

  • Mark Walton, Executive Director, Shared Assets

  • Matt Dykes, Public Services, TUC
  • Mika Minio-Paluello, oil and gas campaigner and author

We often fight defensive battles - for good reason. But we also need to think about the future we want and how to get there. We'll do this through workshops and sessions based around three themes: power, space and public services. 

This event is brought to you by We Own It, with support from the TUC and the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust. In collaboration with activists from Move Your Money, Red Pepper, CLASS, Social Enterprise UK, UNISON, Debt Resistance UK, Switched On London and Compass.

2030 needs you.

May 07, 2016 at 10am - 4:30pm
Trade Union Congress
23-28 Great Russell St
London WC1B 3LS
United Kingdom
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