Seditious Cinema:We Are Many

Coinciding with the week of the Chilcot Report release, The Brick Lane Debates are screening We Are Many - the story of the millions-strong movement which mobilised against the Iraq War in 2003, and how its impact can still be felt more than a decade on.

"Amir Amirani’s moving documentary We Are Many tells the inside story of 15 February 2003, the extraordinary day on which countless millions in hundreds of cities worldwide marched for peace. Fittingly, the film received several minutes of joyous applause when it screened at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

We Are Many is a finely balanced, brilliantly edited blend of sober analysis and intoxicating feeling. Although it revisits the day world public opinion emerged as the ‘second global superpower’, Amirani’s film isn’t just an invaluable aide-mémoire and message to posterity. It’s a howl of rage, a rallying cry, and a paean to the politics of hope that presents two different two-fingered salutes to shoulder-shruggers and warmongers alike.

It is also a cinematic dossier on the manifest lies of power. In the absence of a ruling from the Chilcot Inquiry, Amirani conducts a forensic examination of the available evidence and presents his own findings to the court of public opinion. He concludes that those who demonstrated for peace were right, in ways they couldn’t have guessed, and finds the institutions of state guilty as charged. "

July 10, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Deptford Cinema
Deptford Cinema
London SE8 4PQ
United Kingdom
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