Current democratic structures

Momentum is a grassroots organisation with unity, pluralism and member-control at its heart. Our current democratic structures are detailed below, which will be reviewed at our first National Conference in February 2017.

To hold any elected position and sit on any of Momentum’s committees, you must be a full Momentum member - meeting the following criteria:

  1. Support the objectives of Momentum;

  2. Adhere to the code of ethics;

  3. Are either a member of the Labour Party, an affiliate supporter or support the aims and; values of the Labour Party and are not members of other political parties.

Local Groups

Momentum members are able to organise with other activists in their area via their local group.

Local groups can decide democratically how they structure themselves internally and are encouraged to do so in a way that is as open and inclusive as possible.

To be a verified group, the National Momentum Team requires the following positions to be filled by full members of Momentum:

1) Two key contacts for National Momentum.

  • National Momentum requires the full names, email addresses and phone numbers for two members of each local group - at least one whom must be a woman.

2) Two delegates for the Regional Coordinating Network.

  • National Momentum requires the full names, email addresses and phone numbers of two delegates at least one of whom must be a women, to be placed in the Regional Coordinating Network’s online decision making tool - Loomio.

  • Regional delegates are elected to represent their local group at Regional Network Meetings

3) Two Social Media Managers.

  • National Momentum requires the full names, email addresses and phone numbers of two Social Media Managers-  at least one of whom must be a women - to be responsible and accountable for the social media output of local groups

  • In accordance with the Social Media Agreement, both must have access to all of the group’s social media accounts

4) One Data Manager
  • National Momentum requires the full name, email address and phone number of one Data Manager, who shall provided with access to the members database in their area subject to signing the relevant contract.
  • Momentum groups are also encouraged to have a Labour Party engagement officer although this is not required.

Regional Networks

  • Momentum in England is split up into nine Regional Networks

  • Regional delegates are elected by their local groups to represent the group at Regional Network Meetings

  • Regional Network meetings allow groups to share best practice, discuss and plan regional campaigns and issue and share information with the regional delegates to the National Committee.

  • Regional delegates to the National Committee are elected at each of the Regional Network meetings who, together with those elected by members ballot, represent the whole region at the National Committee.

National Committee

  • Delegates to the National Committee are elected at the Regional Network meetings to represent the whole region at the National Committee, soon to be supplemented by additional members elected by members in areas where there are no local groups.

  • The National Committee is comprised of regional delegates, delegates elected by members in areas not covered by local groups, delegates from established Labour left-wing groups, liberation strands and affiliated unions.

  • The National committee makes decisions on issues and motions arising out of the Regional Network meetings and the priorities and campaigns of Momentum.

Steering Committee

  • There are fourteen positions on Momentum’s Steering Committee, currently filled by twelve members, including three officer roles - Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. At least half of the Steering Committee's positions must be filled by women.
  • Eight members of Momentum’s Steering committee were elected by the National Committee using Single Transferable Vote

  • Campaign for Socialism and Welsh Labour Grassroots - the sister organisations of Momentum in Scotland and Wales - each have one reserved space on the Steering Committee

  • Four spaces on the Steering Committee are reserved for trade unions - currently the Fire Brigades Union and the Transport Salaried Staff Association fill one each.
  • The Steering Committee is responsible for making operational decisions on Momentum’s activity and priorities in between National Committee meetings

Members of Momentum in Wales and Scotland are automatically members of its sister organisations, Welsh Labour Grassroots and Campaign for Socialism respectively. 

Chair - Jon Lansman
Vice Chair- Cecile Wright
Treasurer - Michael Chessum

Matt Wrack - General Secretary of the Fire Brigade’s Union
Sam Tarry - Political Officer - Transport Salaried Staffs' Association
Jill Mountford
Sam Wheeler
Darren Williams/ Sophie Williams (Job share) - Welsh Labour Grassroots
Jackie Walker
Marshajane Thompson
Martyn Cook - Campaign for Socialism
Christine Shawcroft



Current elections for positions on the National Committee

The Steering Committee agreed to take steps to ensure all Momentum members are represented fairly on the National Committee.
Previously, representatives from the different liberation strands were elected by small working groups and the 2 seats reserved for women’s representatives were vacant. This interim process was agreed for the first National Committee before Momentum had any members. A One Member One Vote (OMOV) election was agreed by the Steering Committee, as a temporary measure, to ensure all members of liberation groups have a say in choosing their representatives. Only members who self-identified as belonging to one of the liberation groups when joining (BAME, LGBT, Disability and Women) are able to participate in the elections.
The National Committee was set up prior to Momentum becoming a membership organisation, and a recent mapping exercise of our members showed there to be a significant number of members living in areas not covered by a verified local group.
To ensure fair representation of all members on the National Committee, there are currently OMOV elections in 6 regions where there are a significant number of members without verified local groups. These regions are the North West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, London, South West and South East. Each region can elect one representative for members in that region that do not live in an area covered by a verified local group.
The National Committee will only be growing by 6 additional seats, which will be filled by the newly elected regional representatives. The elections for representatives for each liberation strand (LGBT+/BAME/Women/Disability) are to democratically fill existing seats, which were previously agreed and ratified by the National Committee. 
This structure is interim until Momentum’s February National Conference, after which all members will vote to decide Momentum’s democratic structures going forward.
All Members who a) when joining Momentum indicated that they self-identify into one of the liberation strands, or b) live in an area not covered by a verified local group were emailed giving them the opportunity to nominate themselves for these elections. 
Please find here a report on the composition of the National Committee and the recent election results. 

Launching MxV - Members shape Momentum's future 

Momentum has launched MxV, an innovative digital democracy platform to enable Momentum members to shape the organisation’s purpose, ethics and organisation. Yesterday, all members received an email from Momentum Digital with a unique code which enables them to log into MxV to read, submit, comment on, amend, support and composite proposals to be debated at our first National Conference in February and voted on by members.  

Whilst this is an online forum, the process of generating ideas and discussion should extend offline. Groups are encouraged to spend some time at their meetings discussing how Momentum should move forward. All members are able to then express their support for proposals on MxV.  
Your proposals should seek to answer these questions:
Purpose: Why does Momentum exist?
StructuresHow should we make decisions?
Ethics: How should we behave?

Guidelines on the types and scope of proposals that can be submitted can be found here.

Any member can comment on proposals and indicate their support. The deadline for proposals to be uploaded is 1 January 2017. The process beyond this point will be decided by the National Committee on 3 December.

If any member hasn’t received their login details, please email